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About Wechat Marketing

WeChat Marketing Strategy

How can your business be successful in China?


The best way for overseas businesses to access the giant market in China is having a clear digital marketing strategy. It is almost impossible to succeed without WeChat marketing in China.


WeChat is undeniably utmost popular social app in China, while many of the Chinese citizens use for personal and professional life. WeChat offer top marketing strategies target for B2B and B2C. Via WeChat, it can act as a newsletter and communicate with your potential clients. Our exceptional service will help you customize sales driven marketing plan and minimize the cost

china marketing - Account Setup

Account Setup

Our Sounded  Team can engage your customers with top China Media Platform. Choosing the right account to register is the first step and the most important step in WeChat Marketing.  We can still help you out no matter you are with or without a Chinese BR. Our team in China is full of experience in handling overseas clients who want to enter China Market.


Moments (In-feed) Ad

WeChat Moments (In-feed) Ad allows advertisers to advertise within the Moments section, which is a bit similar to Facebook’s Newsfeed. Brands can easily and more affordably advertising on WeChat.


So it comes in 2 different formats, display ads and video ads. If a user clicks or shares an ad with friends, it means that ad is a good fit. Then, WeChat will place the ad on the Moments pages of other similar users, which helps the ad to go viral. If a user likes or shares an ad it will also be placed in the moments of their contacts.


Advertisers are able to target based on users’ information, specifically: location, interests, age, gender, education, marital status, device, or even behavior within the WeChat app. Marketers anticipate WeChat will add further targeting options to improve its advertising system in the future.


We also create content in different format including text, images and videos which suits your brand image and needs.

china marketing - Moments ad
china marketing - Wechat KOL

China KOL

This large network has provided advertisers with a wide variety of KOLs to choose from. This has given marketers a larger degree of flexibility, as there are KOLs available at a variety of different price points with fan bases in different industries. With a little research, most businesses can easily find a KOL that can help them reach out to their target audience at a price that they can afford.


Based on your products and services nature, we will pick the most suitable KOLs from China to review your products, create contents on their WeChat or others platforms (Weibo, Live-Streaming, blog etc.)


Banner Ad

WeChat Banner Ad is similar to other website banner ads. appears at the bottom of official account articles and has 2 categories: a standard banner ad and a KOL banner. It can be promoted for a specific Campaign app or even the WeChat official account.


WeChat banner advertising is good at its performance-based pricing and it is easier to link users to your website. However, the price is relatively high.

china marketing - banner ad
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China Marketing Service
WeChat Marketing

WeChat has lots of different features to advertise, including Moments, Banners and KOL marketing. Besides, mini site, e-shop, payment and games are also other examples of WeChat activities.

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Weibo Marketing

Weibo has more than 600 million users and 200 million posts are shared on Weibo every day. It has lots of different features to advertise, including creative contents, Social Display Ads, promoted trends (Hashtag).

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China Display Marketing

Apart from WeChat and Weibo, there are still many popular media platforms in China to advertise banner display. Baidu, Qihoo 360, even Douyin, Toutiao are also other examples of China Banner Display Platforms.

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China Video Marketing

China has its own video streaming platforms, such as Youku Tudou, they are just like YouTube in western countries. Also, short video and live streaming are very popular and have become powerful marketing tools in China.

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China KOL Marketing

KOL marketing is always one of the most efficient ways to promote your brand in China. Douyin, Xiaohongshu and Toutiao are the hottest channels not only KOLs, but also celebrities to interact with followers.

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China Search Engine Marketing

An effective promotion tool with instant results, we will help you placing the ads in the most visible positions with best price through the popular channel including Baidu, Qihoo 360, Sogou etc.

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