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About Weibo Marketing

Weibo Marketing Strategy

To advertise on Weibo is a complicated one due to its various ad options and functions. We are here to help choosing which kind of Weibo ads that will suit your needs.

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Display Advertisement

This is the advertising on the top of their website and mobile APP pages. Display ads comes in various dimensions on different pages. They are optimized for both the mobile and web version (although mobile is pre-dominantly used).


When users click on the ads they are directed to an advertiser’s homepage. Pricing depends on page placement, size and keyword association.


Weibo allows for a targeted approach here with keywords selected for visibility based on user searches, you can also feature displays on other relevant accounts that boast followers in the same niche.


Display ads are mainly placed on the search page (in the discover section), on the Weibo homepage as well as on the side of user’s news feeds (similar to Facebook Ads).


Weibo Search Engine Promotion

On the discover page of Weibo, there is a search tool to help users find what they look for. The point that marketers need to pay attention is Weibo search bar like to provide the hot search list and the ads search keyword will be listed on the top within a tag “promotion”. When it comes to pricing it depends on the popularity and competitiveness of the keywords you are promoting on. Users will use the search bar and then encounter your account as a top listed search result.


The benefit is that the search results also bring up ‘hot topics/trending discussions’, your account will be seen in-line with this, it’s a great boost for both visibility and reputation.

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china marketing - Fan Headline Banner

Fan Headline

Fan Headline (also known as “Fanstop”) is an alternative option for those looking to advertise on Weibo. Fan Headline offers quick and efficient promotion of Weibo posts and accounts based on the daily updates and social networks of the target audience. There are three types of Fan Headline on Weibo:
● Fan Headline for Posts
● Fan Headline for Others’ Posts
● Fan Headline for Accounts


Fan Headlines are a complimentary approach for building engagement as well as Fan Tunnels. Headlines target followers and their connections /networks so can also be a good tool for attracting followers in greater numbers.


Fan Tunnels

Fan tunnels are the most targeted and intelligent way of reaching new consumers & followers. You can use this to promote either a specific post or your account. It functions like a ‘headline’ that appears at the top of a user’s news feed.


Why so effective? For new brands that don’t already have a large following this is the best way to build one, Fan Tunnels focus on the whole of the Weibo community, not just existing followers. It will place your content at the top of news feeds based on targeted audiences defined by age, gender, region, interests and even device types.

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China Marketing Service
WeChat Marketing

WeChat has lots of different features to advertise, including Moments, Banners and KOL marketing. Besides, mini site, e-shop, payment and games are also other examples of WeChat activities.

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Weibo Marketing

Weibo has more than 600 million users and 200 million posts are shared on Weibo every day. It has lots of different features to advertise, including creative contents, Social Display Ads, promoted trends (Hashtag).

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China Display Marketing

Apart from WeChat and Weibo, there are still many popular media platforms in China to advertise banner display. Baidu, Qihoo 360, even Douyin, Toutiao are also other examples of China Banner Display Platforms.

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China Video Marketing

China has its own video streaming platforms, such as Youku Tudou, they are just like YouTube in western countries. Also, short video and live streaming are very popular and have become powerful marketing tools in China.

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China KOL Marketing

KOL marketing is always one of the most efficient ways to promote your brand in China. Douyin, Xiaohongshu and Toutiao are the hottest channels not only KOLs, but also celebrities to interact with followers.

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China Search Engine Marketing

An effective promotion tool with instant results, we will help you placing the ads in the most visible positions with best price through the popular channel including Baidu, Qihoo 360, Sogou etc.

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